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What is Google Alert? How to use Google Alert?

Hello friends, what is Google Alert? How to use Google Alert? How does Google Alert work? Today you will know the complete information of Google Alert in this article. If you are a blogger, YouTuber, Freelancer, or expert on a topic, it is essential for you always to Stay You will not want to miss any content by yourself. But millions of content posts on the Internet every day.

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Millions of content are published on the Internet every day. Then whether you talk about blog posts, YouTube videos, or content from different media companies, every day, there is some content published on the Internet every second. In such a situation, how can you keep an eye on all the content?

Is there any such tool on the Internet, with the help of which you get to know about Automatic Related Content from your Selected and Interested Topic. Regularly you start getting Automatic Alert of the content of your topic. Yes, Google Alert is the only tool with the help of which you can always be updated on your question.

What is Google Alert?

google alerts

Google Alert is a free service of Google itself. Google launched this service on 6 August 2003. Google is a potent and helpful tool.

By which you can apply Alert on any topic. So that any posts related to that topic are published on the Internet, Google informs you through your Gmail. You can always be updated on your favorite and exciting subject.

Why is Google Alert Important?

With the help of Google Alerts, you can get alerts of all published content related to your favorite and exciting topics. Choosing a question every day is a challenging task for every blogger, youtube. In such a situation, it is essential always to be updated on the trending topics of your niche.

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But millions of content are published every day on the Internet. In such a way, how to reach your niche content. Google Alert informs you by sending mail through Gmail as soon as all the updated material related to your niche is published on the Internet.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose I like blogging. So writing knowledge of blogging will also be very important for me. So I have to be updated with all the news and information related to blogging. Now every day, millions of articles related to blogging will be published on the Internet. I can’t keep an eye on all the pieces. So in such a situation, we need to read Google Alert.

By using Google Alerts, we can be continuously updated on our Niche / Topic. Now, if I want to keep updated with the new information and news related to blogging, then I have to set up Google Alert. Once I set up Google Alert, all the new articles related to blogging on my Gmail will be continuously available. So in this way, Google alerts are essential for us too.

Why use Google Alert?

This is an important question. Many people ask, why should we use Google Alerts, and for what? As you would know that sometimes we have some topics like – cricket, movies, songs, news, actors, etc. There is so much interest in us that the more and sooner we get information about it, the happier we get.

So, we should use Google Alert. If you want that you also get the first information on your favorite subjects, then you must use Google Alert.

Benefits of Google Alert?

1) Keep you regularly updated with your Interested topic.

2) Whenever there is an article or news publish related to your favorite item on the Internet, you are notified through Gmail.

3) The information related to your favorite topic is first accessible to you by Gmail.

4) This does not make you read Google again and again.

5) If you have any type of Upcoming News, like – Movies, Songs, TV serials, etc. If you want to update about, you can use Google Alert.

How to Google Alert Set Up?

Setting up Google Alerts is very easy. For this, some steps have to be followed. Which I have described below by Step. You can easily set up Google Alerts by following all those steps.

1) First, go to

2) If you are not logged in with your Google account, then login first.

3) After that, you will open such a page. In this, you have to write your favorite topics.

4) If you are already logged in, it will take your Gmail automatically. And if you are not logged in, then after writing the topic, you will get the option to write Gmail ID below. In which you can write your Gmail.

5) Then click on “Show Options.”

Google Alerts Setup Kaise Kare – Click More Options

6) Clicking on Show Option will show some extra options. Which you have to understand and set.

7) First of all, on “How Often,” to select how many and when alerts are required.

8) Then under “Sources,” how do you want to receive your signals. Select this. I have kept an Automatic.

9) After that, select the language in which you want to receive alerts.

10) Now you have to choose a Country in “Region” from where you want an update. Suppose you choose India, then you will get updates from India. I have selected “Any Region.”

11) Now under “How Many,” you will see two options. “All Results” and “Best Results” then I would recommend you to select “Only the Best Result.”

12) After that, where do you want to get the update? Select that Gmail inside “Deliver To.”

13) And then, click on the last Step, “Create Alert.”

So in this way, you have put an alert on your favorite topic. Now go to the Gmail account. There will be a mail of Google Alerts, which you have to open. And click on the link with Verify this Google Alert Request. After verifying, your Google Alert setup is complete. Now whenever any update related to your topic comes on the Internet, you will know through Gmail.


So, guys, you must have known about Google Alert now. What is Google Alert? How does this work? How do you use it? What are its advantages? Everyone must have known about the etc. I hope you liked the post. And you have understood all the things I have said. If you still have any questions, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media.

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