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How To Break the Password of Jio Phone?

Friends, it is not necessary that you have forgotten the password of your mobile phone. Sometimes, due to the excessive tampering of small children in our house, the phone gets locked inadvertently. Because these children inadvertently make this mistake. That’s why they forget the password as well.

Now whatever the reason is, now when you do not know the lock of Jio phone, then you have to break the password or lock of Jio phone, and for this, you have to go to the service centre. Going to the service centre will be a waste of both your time and money.

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So I am going to tell you such tricks so that you can break the password or lock of the live phone at your home without going to the service centre. This will not only save your time as well as your money.

jio phone

What is Jio Phone

Jio Phone is a keypad mobile of Reliance Jio. The special feature of this mobile is that it is a mobile to provide a 4G facility in the work price. In addition to the 4G mobile in the price, Jio phone from Reliance Jio has many Offers are available. Due to which many people have this Jio Keypad Mobile.

To break the password or lock of Jio phone, you have to do a hard reset of your mobile. For this, you have to follow these steps.

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1. First of all, you switch off your Jio phone. After switching off, you have to remove the SIM card and memory card of your Jio mobile phone. This is because, after the hard reset of the mobile, all the data of your mobile Will be deleted.

2. After removing the SIM card and memory card from your mobile, you have to install the battery. After installing the battery, you have to press the red button and star button (*) of your mobile simultaneously until your mobile phone is turned on.

3. After your mobile is turned on, you will see some option. You can select the option of wipe data/factory reset in all those options and click OK. The up and down buttons to up and down and red to OK. Can use the button (red button).

Wipe data / Factory

4. After clicking on the option of wipe data/factory reset, you will get the option of yes and no. And you have to select yes in it. Now you will see that all the data on your mobile will start being formatted.

5. After the format of your mobile, all data will be rebooted on the option of the system now. Here you have to press OK by pressing the red button. Your mobile will reboot as soon as you are done.

Choose reboot system now.

6. As soon as your mobile is rebooted, your mobile phone will become exactly like a new mobile phone, i.e. when you brought a new mobile, it will be the same. Now you set the language in it. In this way, your mobile is ready for use.

Things Needed Before Hard Resetting Mobile Phone

Be sure to keep these things in mind before hard resetting your mobile phone. Before hard resetting your mobile phone, it must be about 45-60 per cent charged. SIM card and memory card should be removed from your mobile. Because in this process your phone becomes format completely, this deletes your necessary data and contacts.

While doing a hard reset of your mobile phone, you should neither turn off your mobile or remove its battery. Doing so can also spoil your mobile. These are some important things that you must take care of.

Note: – The keypad of Jio is a different type of model in mobile in which different key is used, if your mobile does not reboot in this way, then you press the red key and up key button simultaneously. You can reboot your mobile and break the password or lock of your mobile phone.


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