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How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Today, a lot happens in phones. This is the reason that despite having memory up to 128 GB, it fills up quickly. The phone contains many things including photos, videos, games, personal documents. Many times, in the process of emptying memory by cleansing old and unused data, we also delete work items and once deleted, it becomes difficult to recover.

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Although it was impossible to recover deleted photos from mobile till a few years ago, now there are some Tulsa or some tricks which can help you. I am going to tell you this same tricks of Android phone.

recover photos

Recycle Bin Check

The Recycle Bin started with a computer. They were not seen in older Android mobile phones. But now in the new Android phone, the Recycle Bin by default is available. The photo is in the gallery of your phone and when you delete it, it comes in the recycling bin of the phone.

In such a situation, if you have deleted any photo recently, then you should see it once in the Recycle Bin. There you will find deleted photos. Also read: Jio users earn money sitting at home, see full way here

Google photos

Google Photos is available for photo backup in Android phones. If you have the photo backup feature turned on, then it will connect itself through the internet and back up the photos on its own. In this case, if you have deleted photos from the phone, then they will be found on Google Photos. You can access Google Photos from both computer or mobile.

Recuva App Will Help

If you had placed the photos of your phone in a microSD card and it is now missing everywhere, you can use third party software on your PC for photo recovery. For this, you have to install Recuva software on your PC. After this he has to open and run Rikuwa Wizard. Many options will come as soon as next. You have to select what you want to recover.

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In addition, you will be asked where your file was stored, where you should put the path. That is, give the path of the disk which is showing the name of the microSD. If you want to check the entire computer, then I am not sure. With this, the process will start.

After a short time, the full list of recovery photos will appear and you select and then select the place where you want to store and recover it. Your file will be saved.

Disc Digger is the best for the phone

If photos or videos were in your phone memory and deleted from it, then DiskDigger photo recovery is the best app. The best thing that can be said is that its free version is also available and it is also very useful. You have to install it in your phone and run it. This app is capable of recovering deleted photo and video files. When it is scanned, the list of all deleted photos and videos will come on the and recover data. In addition, recovery photos and videos will be available in your phone’s gallery.

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