How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number

How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number From Your Phone

How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number

If you want to call someone from a private number. You want to talk to that person and your phone number also does not go to him. To do this you use someone else’s mobile number. We tell you one such trick, from which you will not need any other phone to call any number from private number. WhatsApp has stopped fake news, now one at a time.

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You can call someone private from your phone and your phone will not even show your number.  If you want to do this, then follow the steps mentioned in this article. After that you will be able to call anyone in private from your phone. For this you have to go to GlobFone.

How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number

Follow These Steps

1. To make a private call to someone from your phone, first of all open Google Chrome in your phone.
2. In Google Chrome you go to the website
3. After this, if you scan a little down there, you will see four options. 4. It will have first option video, second share, third SMS and fourth call.
5. To make a call, you have to click on the fourth option.
6. After clicking on the call, you will get the option to choose your country. In that you choose India.
7. Just below that, dial the number of the person you want to call and click on the call option below.
After the call, the call will go to the number whose number you dialed. That person will not see your real number. A short number like +1956, +91564, +9111 will be called on his phone. This person will not recognize your number and will not even know that you have called.

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Calls will be made from the web version itself, although GlobFone’s app is also present on the Google Play Store, but you will not be able to make calls through the app. To make a call, you have to use its web version. For this, you have to open this website by going to Google Chrome and make a call from it.

You can use this trick in your phone and tell us about your experience. You can follow any other such trick to know. You can also stay updated with all the news by following our Facebook and Hello accounts.

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