Facebook brings this awesome feature Quiet Mode, know how it will work

Facebook brings this impressive feature, Quiet Mode, to know how it will work Facebook is preparing to introduce the Quiet Mode feature, which will be useful for you. These days due to Lock-down, people are locked in homes, and in such a situation, the usage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp has increased rapidly.

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While their use has increased on the one hand, now people have started getting into trouble with them. Meanwhile, Facebook has announced a new bang feature for its users. What will be the benefit of this feature named Quiet Mode and we will tell you how you will be able to use it. This feature is linked to Facebook’s Push Notifications.

According to the information, this feature will prevent most Push Notifications coming from your Facebook account. It will also help the user to manage their time spent on social media. This update will be available to iPhone users right now, while Android users will get it till next month. However, it will continue slowly, and not everyone is going to get immediate.

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Quiet Mode will come in handy.


The advantage of using this feature is that you will be able to set a schedule in it. With this feature, you will be able to stop notifications of new messages. Also, it will help you to know how much time you have spent on Facebook. You will be able to use this feature according to your time, or you can activate it by setting the default time already used in it.

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According to Facebook Head of Health Kang Xing Jin, we have added the Quiet Mode feature, which will turn off most push notifications. When you open Facebook while this Mode is active, it will remind you of the time set. Facebook is also working on more features, including news feeds and other shortcuts.

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