1 million smartphones, advice to delete these 56 Malware Apps now

ALERT! A big threat to 1 million smartphones, the recommendation to delete these 56 apps now is 56 children’s malware apps, 24 children’s apps, and 32 utility apps. The malware installs in the phone after downloading apps containing 56 viruses and makes the device a victim.

In the Google Play Store, it has become common to have malicious apps, and the risk is found more each time. Now a similar case has come up in another research.

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Actually, malware apps have been found on the Play Store, and it has been advised to delete them from the phone as soon as possible. The cybersecurity research firm Checkpoint said a malware (Tekya) had been found, affecting 56 apps from the Play Store.

According to the information, there are 24 children’s apps (games and puzzles) in these 56 apps, and 32 utility apps (cooking tips, health). The disturbing thing is that these apps have been downloaded 1 million, ie, 10 million times.

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There are 24 children’s apps (games and puzzles) in 56 apps. There are 24 children’s apps (games and puzzles) in 56 apps.

According to the information received from research, malware gets installed on downloading these apps, and it makes the device a victim. It was told that it was made for the purpose of ad fraud.

malware apps

Let’s see list of 56 apps


























































Researchers at Check Point have confirmed that Google has removed apps from the Play Store that were found to be malicious. Apart from this, developers have also removed such apps from the Play Store. But it has been told that Cyber ? Criminals can bring malicious apps to the Play Store along with other malware anytime. Risers reported that VirusTotal and Play Protect were also unable to detect Tekya.

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