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Learn Some Special Tips And Tricks Of Computer In 2020

Do you want to learn some special tips and tricks of computer ?

If you work more on computer or laptop, then this article can be useful for you. There are many people who work on computers and laptops, but if there is even a small problem in the computer then they will not be able to solve it. In such a situation, they have to call a computer expert and till then they are not able to do their work.

We will tell you in this article that you can solve the small problem of your computer in minutes sitting at home and then start your work again. In this article, we will tell the computer users about some small common problems that can be solved by sitting at home.

computer tricks

  1. Installing windows

There is a need to install windows in your computer. It happens very often that the window of our computer gets corrupted or due to some reason the computer window does not work. In such a situation, we need to install a new window in our computer. Many users are unable to install windows themselves and then they have problems.

We tell you how you can install windows in your computer within a few minutes. For this, you will need a pen drive of at least 8 GB. Make your pen drive bootable. For this, you plug your pen drive into the system and then search on the Internet Download window. After this, the window you want to download will have to download its files in the pen drive installed in the computer.

After downloading the pen drive, follow the process of installing windows carefully and in a few hours the window will be installed in your computer. Its processing speed depends on your internet speed. It may happen that due to slow internet speed, only 0% show up for a long time in processing. In such a situation, you have to wait patiently for the process to be completed.

  1. What to do if you forget your password

Many times it happens that we forget to enter our password and in such a situation it becomes very difficult to open our computer. Now in such a situation, the user goes to a computer expert and opens his computer after charging a lot of money. However, you can also find the solution of this problem itself.

One solution to this problem is to install a new window on your computer. After that you can use it by entering your new password. There is a problem with this solution that installing a new window deletes all the data on your computer. Now many users have some important data in the computer, which they do not want to lose. What to do in such a situation ..?

In this case, you will have to hack your password or set a new password. For this you will need a bootable pandrive. You will have to put the window setup in it. After that you have to open the command prompt. After that, you have to change the name of some files and after that you will see the option to change your password. Where you will be able to reopen your computer by changing the password.

Apart from this, you will also find some paid software on the Internet, by purchasing which you can reset your password, but in the above method you can do this work for free. We will also write an article on this free method and will tell you the whole process of how you can open your computer by resetting your forgotten password for free.

How to Recover Deleted Data

It happens many times that while working on the computer some of our data or all the data, the document gets deleted suddenly. So what to do and how to recover all your data. For this, you will find many paid software on the Internet, which you can download and follow steps and recover your deleted data. Apart from this, you can also recover your deleted data for free by following some process.

You will also find a lot of free software on the Internet, through which you can recover your data. The best free software for this is Recover. However, some soft-delete data will be recovered by this software. If your data is completely deleted from the hard drive, then for that you will have to buy a professional software.

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