1 million smartphones, advice to delete these 56 Malware Apps now

ALERT! A big threat to 1 million smartphones, the recommendation to delete these 56 apps now is 56 children’s malware apps, 24 children’s apps, and 32 utility apps. The malware installs in the phone after downloading apps containing 56 viruses and makes the device a victim. In the Google Play Store, it has become common […]

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ozone layer

Another major danger hovering on earth, a big hole in the ozone layer, can cause damage

Another major danger hovering on Earth, a big hole in the ozone layer, can cause damage. Another major threat hovering on Earth, a large hole in the ozone layer, can cause damage to the ozone layer over the Arctic due to severe freezing. According to scientists, life on Earth is not possible without the Ozone […]

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Facebook brings this awesome feature Quiet Mode, know how it will work

Facebook brings this impressive feature, Quiet Mode, to know how it will work Facebook is preparing to introduce the Quiet Mode feature, which will be useful for you. These days due to Lock-down, people are locked in homes, and in such a situation, the usage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp has […]

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How To Get Vodafone Recharge,3GB 4G daily With Unlimited Free Calling

Vodafone 249 Rupees Recharge Plan: Vodafone (Vodafone) has launched a great recharge plan for its customers. In this recharge plan, you will also get the benefit of more free Internet data with unlimited free calling. Please tell that Vodafone has upgraded its earlier plan. Read Also:- How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number From […]

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jio phone

How To Break the Password of Jio Phone?

Friends, it is not necessary that you have forgotten the password of your mobile phone. Sometimes, due to the excessive tampering of small children in our house, the phone gets locked inadvertently. Because these children inadvertently make this mistake. That’s why they forget the password as well. Now whatever the reason is, now when you […]

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How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number

How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number From Your Phone

How To Call Someone By Hiding Your Number If you want to call someone from a private number. You want to talk to that person and your phone number also does not go to him. To do this you use someone else’s mobile number. We tell you one such trick, from which you will not […]

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Keyboard Function Keys

How To Use Computer Keyboard Function Keys – Uses Of All Keyboard Function Keys \\

Hey folks, In this article today, we are telling about the uses of Computer Keyboard Function Keys. The keyboard has some function keys like – F1, F2, F3, ……. F12. The function key range is from F1 to F12. Very few users know this that What are the uses of these function keys? A keyboard […]

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recover photos

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Today, a lot happens in phones. This is the reason that despite having memory up to 128 GB, it fills up quickly. The phone contains many things including photos, videos, games, personal documents. Many times, in the process of emptying memory by cleansing old and unused data, we also delete work items and once deleted, […]

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Buy Computer

Keep these 8 things in mind before buying a new computer

Buying a new computer is not an easy task, and in today’s time, you will not want to buy a computer that will not work for you in a couple of years. If you are looking about  buying a computer guide then you should read this post till the end. Read Also:- Redmi Cheap Phone […]

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